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Salome – Venetian restaurant in Oslo


Salome is my first Italian restaurant, situated in Oslo’s culture and finance district, right next to Deichman Public Library, MUNCH and Oslo Opera House. The restaurant is a collaboration with my old friend and colleague Dag Tjersland and chef Nelson Fernandes.

We serve typical Venetian food, most notably a wide selection of cicchetti, carpaccio and seafood – along with classic pastas and modern pizzas.

The restaurant opened in August 2020 during a short break in the corona pandemic lockdowns, and even though we have had to close and reopen several times – hardly ideal – we have managed to gain a wide following of clients.

The restaurant is named after Salome, the somewhat unreliable femme fatale who according to legend asked for the head of John the Baptist on a plate. We are proud to have large painting of her by Tor-Arne Moen, who also did the portrait of St Lars for my other restaurant.

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