For the past years I have had a peculiar hobby: I have been the host of the public television series New Scandinavian Cooking, produced by TellusWorks. The show had been a runaway success. It was originally scheduled to air on public television (distributed by American Public Television), and I am not sure we really knew what we started. APT wanted new seasons, the series was also aired by BBCFood, RTL in Germany, RAISat in Italy, Cuisine TV in France, and many more – a total of more than 60 countries.

I have been the host of ten seasons of New Scandinavian Cooking, and in addition to that we have made seasons from Sweden with Tina Nordström and Denmark with Claus Meyer.

The show is all about embracing the ingredients of Scandinavia and it is all shot on location. The aim is to get as close to nature and the ingredients as possible, by fishing the fish we are going to cook with, foraging for mushrooms and wild herbs, and what sets it apart from many other cooking shows is that we also do the cooking outdoors on a portable kitchen.

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