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Dinner in Rome – The History of the World in One Meal

“Andreas Viestad has written a fascinating, thought-provoking and funny book about the importance of food in history.” – Alice Waters

“As enchanting as it is fascinating: Andreas Viestad has a calm gift for evocative scene-setting, story-telling and, crucially, for making and exploring connections that brings everything, illuminatingly to life.” – Nigella Lawson

Incredibly happy that my labor of love A Dinner in Rome will now be published in English, by non-less than Reaktion Books!

A few words on the book:

«There is more history in a bowl of pasta than in the Colosseum or in any other historical building», writes Andreas Viestad in Dinner in Rome.

While enjoying a typical Roman meal in a classic restaurant Viestad takes us on a culinary journey, dish by dish, through world history and the history of The Eternal City.

This is a book about how a small village in an unlikely place became the center of the greatest empire the world has seen. About the role wheat and salt played in that transformation, how the taste of grilled food made us human, the mild buzz from half a bottle of wine, the sour sweet taste of mafia and slavery in a lemon sorbet and the hunt for the original pasta carbonara recipe.

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