A journey through contemporary Scandinavian – mostly Norwegian – cooking with an awareness of history and nature. My American debut, part travelogue, part cookbook from my native Scandinavia – and companion book to my public televison series New Scandinavian Cooking. When I first got the book in my hands I was stunned. Is this possible? A beautiful (no thanks to me) book with lovely photos by Mette Randem and stunning design by the designers at Artisan. And the interesting thing is that people seem to like my storytelling as well, plus the more than hundred recipes of everything from rustic classics like Lamb and Cabbage, to Aquavit Sorbet. Duck Soup with Madeira ought to wake up the sleepiest palate. In centuries past, Maderia was bartered in Norway for dried salt cod – used to make Bacalao in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Porcini Consommé gives honor to the brief but glorious wild mushroom season. An entire chapter is given over to gravlaks, cured salmon you can do at home with spice and Aquavit. In a land where cod and potatoes are no joke, I try to show that a contemporary touch can be both relevant and exciting. Yellow and Red Cod with Pomegranate-Mango Salad, anyone? Feasting is well-represented, and seafood lies at its heart–salmon, halibut, mackerel, pollock, shellfish.

Writing Kitchen of Light brought my own cultural and culinary heritage closer, it laid the foundation for my work on the television series New Scandinavian Cooking, and it seem to have brought joy and inspiration to many people. Now out in paperback.

Published by: Artisan Books, 2003

UPDATE: You can access the book at ckbk

You can buy it in your local bookshop, or at Amazon:

“The food world has a wonderful new voice”
The Times, London

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